My Story

Welcome to my official website! Here, you'll be able to know more about me and how I made it to where I am now as a Youtuber. In previous versions of the website, there were pages to inform you of what programs and equipment I use to make my ideas come to reality, but these were almost never viewed, so let's make a quick summary of them: As for programs, I mostly use After Effects, Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Final Cut Pro X. For Equipment, I use a Macbook Pro Retina 14-inch and the Elgato HD60 to record videos through my PS4. On this website, you'll also be able to participate in giveaways whenever I make some. You can also request an edit for a custom intro or download the free template to do it yourself. As a new feature, you will also be able to see all my banner designs that are available to purchase or you can request an edit. Also take note this entire website was fully coded by me! No drag and drops, just pure knowledge on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery! This third version of the website has been optimized with the new stuff I learned since the last build and responsiveness on other devices than desktop should be better. Keep scrolling for more about me and how I got where I am...

So let's start from the beginning... If you are an active viewer, then you have probably seen my two first videos of me singing. As you can see, none of this was continued in the future as I didn't much quite feel myself a singer! Wait... let's rewind a bit before those two! I wasn't much the kind of guy that listens to music, like at all! I literally had no songs in my library! Then one day my friend was listening to Replay by IYAZ and there it was, my introduction to music! I was so in love with that song I kept replaying it (get it? no? okay...) over and over again. Eventually, I watched lyrics videos to learn the song and I started singing it. Sometimes I would watch other videos of people singing it and I would sing it with them! One of my friend saw me do that and he was like: "Why don't you make your own singing video instead of always watching them?". That was the first kick to MaxiJonson as I thought it wasn't a bad idea at all! In fact, I thought it was such a good idea I recorded my first video in his room the next hour!!! (he gave me the guitar glasses) Then you pretty much know what happened, I uploaded it to Youtube and that was the first video ever made! I won't be repetitive, it was pretty much the same story with the So Big video. So there you have it, the "backstory" of how MaxiJonson all started!

Lyrics video was the next step to my Youtube channel. When my father bought a Mac, I quickly got to know iMovie since that computer was our only one and there was no games on it at the time, so I checked out the apps that were installed by default and there was iMovie. When I opened it, I had not a single clue what it really was so I started messing around with it and after 3 days, I knew how to use it the most basic but useful way possible (note that I was 8 years old at the time). But what got me into making lyrics videos are of course the fact that I was watching them to learn the lyrics of a song I wanted to sing. So I did my first lyrics videos on So Big by IYAZ using all the effects available in iMovie! I was so impressed by those effects because it made everything so good and so different than the others which is just fading a whole paragraph in. Of course, those weren't the best, but hold on there I'm getting there! So let's fast forward into the future, where many other lyrics videos were made using iMovie during that time lapse. I wanted to do more! I felt like iMovie had it's limits but I had none! So I decided to go on a hunt for a better program and I found Final Cut Pro X (FCPX). FCPX was, for me, a revolution! From that point, EVERYTHING WAS POSSIBLE! All I needed was the imagination to create better lyrics videos! And that's what I did with my most popular hit to date: Heart Attack lyrics by Demi Lovato. Let me make a pause here: in the Youtube world, all it takes for every youtuber is that one video that will launch you up! Not necessarily high up, but up! Let's continue now. For me, that lauch was definitely Heart Attack lyrics that gave me a huge kick! Just imagine: I would be so excited if I got 10 views on a video, now I would get 1 000 views but wait it's not over: 1 000 views PER DAY!!! After two weeks, I was at 2 000 views per day! I was speechless! This success pushed me into making even better lyrics videos by making word by word lyrics which were synced to the music. But I was unfortunatelly victim of the "What goes up must come down" effect. After a year of continious success on Heart Attack, the views quickly went down to about 100 views per day. Don't get me wrong here! I was still very happy of those stats, but of course 2 000 is better than 100. I still kept making lyrics videos but I wasn't sure it was what I wanted my channel to be all about.... Later, I finally achieved one of my biggest goal I had for this channel: a kinetic typography lyrics video! I made it entirely in 3D on Honey i'm Good from Andy Grammer. I was so happy, because lyrics were what started my channel and were indirectly linked to the reason I started gaming and design because I had to learn the programs to make lyrics videos and those two other categories came in with the package. So since lyrics were such a relevant piece of the story of MaxiJonson, I of course had a bigger goal for it which was kinetic typography. Although now that I think of it, kinetic typography kind of is part of designing. Unfortunately, on September 29 2015, I got what is every youtuber's nightmare: a copyright strike. I got one on a the Want to Want Me lyrics video from Jason Derulo. Getting a strike is, to this date, the biggest, hardest and saddest hit my channel took... by far! This strike, getting lifted on May 27 2016, affects my channel in many ways including features I used to have access to. On the same day after getting this strike, I went into lots of thinking as of what to do from now on, because MaxiJonson's future sort of almost all fell appart, so I had to think of a way to rebuild it and fast. The reason why I previously said it was one of the saddest moments for the channel is because the decision I took was the MOST painful thing I ever had to do. Because I couldn't take a chance of getting another of these strikes, I couldn't play with fire anymore, I decided to delete all lyrics videos except 4 very popular ones including Heart Attack and saved the rest to a USB stick before taking them down myself. It was a very dark time for me as I had just deleted hours and hours of work over many years that contributed so much to my channel in just a second. I had litterally erased the past and then decided it was the end for lyrics videos. The hardest one to delete was the kinetic typography of Honey i'm Good since, as mentioned before, it was my biggest achieved goal and it only got light for about 3 weeks! It tore me appart but I saw the bright side: I achieved my goal before the worst which sort of helped me A LOT to move on. I knew one thing: I still like kinetic typography! So, in the future, you may see more of that, but rather on speeches than music! This concludes the lyrics part... Forever.. As I will not be making anymore of those due to the risk, I do not believe this paragraph will develop any further in the future, but who knows, life can bring some interesting changes! I know I am all about overcoming obstacles, but in this case, copyright is no obstacle, it's a rule that you have to play by or take the risks like I did. But don't get this the wrong way. If I could go back in time when I started doing those and stop my past self from doing them, I would probably not do anything. I wouldn't encourage it, because in a way it is wrong, but I wouldn't stop it, as without lyrics, MaxiJonson would be a whole lot different than it is now or possibly not even exist on Youtube! I'd just go grab my self some chocolate bars in the kitchen and go back to the present.

I've always loved video games, like many other people. So of course, I knew most popular channels on Youtube are all about gaming, so why not make my own gaming videos? Well that's what I did, but in a very beginner way... My favourite game at the time was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, so I went on to record this. But I didn't have any recording equipment to record my screen like the Elgato Game Capture HD! So I think you can pretty much guess what I did to record my footage: I would put my laptop in front of the TV and record! Don't go looking for those, they were deleted since they weren't even best moments or montage, they were just random Team Deathmatch games, nothing special. When I got my first Mac, the first game I bought was Call of Duty Black Ops. I did a couple of campaign gameplays using a screen recorder but what I really wanted is to record my PS3 games. So I got Elgato Game Capture HD (which more info on this will be in the equipment used page) and I made a couple of PS3 gameplays starting with the Battlefield 3 Air Superiority Gameplay. It's about then that I discovered My Singing Monsters and I started remaking the island songs in Final Cut Pro X using the audio files. I kind of liked it, I was impressed that I could remake a whole song from scratch using only bits of audio files since every part is cut very small. So I got an iPhone screen recorder to record the top islands and that's how the Weekly Rank #1 videos started. Having the Elgato tool made many gameplay series come to life such as some Watch Dogs gameplay, the Far Cry 4 and Battlefield Hardline Playthrough and that's just as I'm writing this, but maybe by the time you read this there will be even more! Talking about future, is my Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Montage up yet? Because that would be the first dubstep/EDM/WhateverYouCallIt montage ever made! After this, there was a long gaming break in which I did not upload much gaming. After this break, I decided to bring my channel to a new consistency level and bring a new gaming video every Saturday!

Graphic Design
After learning basics of After Effects, I started making my own intro templates. Now, for the ones who don't know, when I'm talking about intros I talk about that little clip that is at the beginning of some videos where there are a bunch of crazy stuff happening before showing the Youtuber's name. Get it now? Okay, let's move. So after watching just ONE tutorial from Wafflez Plays, I already knew how to make basic intro templates (intro template: all the animation, elements and effects are already made, all the user has to do is modify the name to his and they have their intro). Now before we go further, I want to explain the difference between making a template and using it the most simple way I can say it: Making a template is a project entirely made by the creator and can take around 2 to 3 hours to make. Using the template is a project used by someone else who downloaded the template from the creator and edits the name to his which takes up to maximum 5 minutes if you don't count the rendering time (rendering: converting your project into a video). Now that you know more about the technical stuff (which I just realized is pretty useless for you guys to know but ehhh sharing is caring), let's get into 2D intros. So all the 2D intros you see on my channel are made with ONLY shapes!!! No, litterally, if you look closely, you'll see that it's all about rectangles, circles, stars, etc. So that's all I have to say about those, it's pretty damn impressive to see what you can do with some shapes no?! After that, I went into learning how to make 3D intros using Cinema 4D. After Effects gives you a huge liberty when you want to make 2D intros, but combine Cinema 4D to make 3D intros and your projects just became limitless! If you can imagine it, you can do it! Later on, I wanted to use Cinema 4D for one of it's most popular uses, which is 3D modeling. I thought it was very hard, but I quickly learned it's actually easy as 123 since you can model from an image! After a lot of intro templates made, I started running out of ideas because I have a very limited knowledge in Cinema 4D, so I started thinking about other kind of design: Banners, Wallpapers, Logos, ... Well, pretty much design that you guys are mostly seeing today everywhere. I started making Youtube banners using Photoshop and selling them on Sellfy as well as some free wallpapers and images.

The End?
After getting a job and getting into college, things started to slow down. Eventually, I just didn't have anymore time, and sincerly, I was so much into my IT program that I wasn't as motivated to do videos anymore. I tried my best to keep it going, but at some point, it just felt like I was forcing myself, which didn't feel right. Life has unexpected things packed for you, I guess. MaxiJonson is not dead, this name lives in many more places than Youtube. But the so called "Gaming" and "Design" videos era is pretty much over. The channel is still there, because I do hope one day it can come back, perhaps with some other kinds of videos, like programming, which I have fallen in love with since I started my college program. Just looking at this website (when I wasn't in IT yet), I see all the web design flaws there are now and do plan on redesigning it, but it is also a reminder of what I went through in "self-learning". If you don't know, all my knowledge in video editing, producing, adding effects, making animations and ultimately basic web design and hosting was self thaught and I am extremely proud of myself for going out of my way to do so. I thought Youtube was my big thing, only to find out it's the small spark that started something bigger by developping my curiousity skills. For you gamers, I could still occasionally stream on Twitch, as this doesn't require any editing, so look out for those :)

Well that's all there is for now. Of course this page might get updated if anything major comes up but other than that, you pretty much know me as much as I know myself! It only took around 15 hours to make this page but okay! Now that you've learned about my story, go on and chose a page to learn about the programs and equipment I use to make MaxiJonson come to life! All I can say is Make Your Imagination Come To Life! With all the technology we have today, it is almost impossible not to create something you can imagine! If you think you can't do it... THINK AGAIN! We live in a world of inifinite possibilities! The quesion is: Will you make those possibilities realities? Don't get afraid of obstacles that get in your way, because if you believe it, you can do it! There will ALWAYS be people who will tell you that you can't do it, that you are crazy or that you should do something else. But if you can break through those lies, you will come out stronger! Whoever you are, no matter what you want to do, always remember: